Exprofesso our Partner in Krakow

Training & Travel collaborates in some countries with Destination Management Companies. In Poland we cooperate with Exprofesso. This unique Poland DMC company is based in Krakow. Training & Travel added Krakow to there destinations, it is the number one destination right know. We are very proud to present Exprofesso as a partner.

A word of Exprofesso

Since 2003 we have been providing Edutainment programs (education & entertainment in one) for business groups. We have developed dozens of team-building and training programs in edutainment spirit in order to meet the needs of most demanding corporate clients. We are creating experiential learning tools and events that are so much more than just entertainment - they are strongly supporting business goals, while being engrossing and highly engaging.

All of them are conducted in beautiful locations and the most popular travel destinations across Poland.

We believe it is a great way to explore Poland through incentive or business travel to achieve your most ambitious objectives regarding HR or marketing policy.

And something about Edutainment

EDUTAINMENT is education & entertainment – development tools combining educational and entertaining elements. 

The concept of edutainment is to pass on knowledge by making the process of learning or acquiring information transparent and imperceptible, or at least not perceived as an effort. A person participating in such types of activities is just not aware that he/she is learning – he/she has an impression that he/she is playing and having fun. Can one imagine a more pleasant (ergo more effective) education?    

… and its pioneers

We know a lot about edutainment – although this is a relatively little known term, we do our best to popularise it, particularly in the field of business training courses. We are experts in this area: we conduct our own studies, organise conferences, write about this issue and, first and foremost, act according to edutainment, designing management training courses, training games and events.    

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