How do you organize a tailor-made event for your company?

Who is this year's turn to organize the company party, event or trip? Be designated within your company or organization to organize the annual company outing or a company training? You as a manager or director know the many precious hours that the organization of such a business event will cost you. Not that you begrudge your enthusiastic staff and committed employees the consultation sessions, but could it be otherwise? Cheaper and more efficient? Okay, nothing organizing costs nothing, but that will certainly not be the intention of you as a manager. Where are we going to this year? What do we do? Meets the event to the budget 2015? Is there a way that leads to a win-win situation? Yes, there is a way! Training & Travel can organize your corporate event, outing or anniversary completely tailor-made along with you and your staff members.

..... then there will be a meeting with Training & Travel.

Training & Travel is the event organizer able to work in-house with you or your staff association, organizing your ideal business event, trip, golf event or training. We would be happy to come you!

After an initial contact by phone, mail or website, Training & Travel will make an appointment. Jan ter Haar or one of his team members will come to you to discuss the options and to advise herein as event organizer. Afterwards Training & Travel makes a report and will prepare a recommendation for your ideal tailor-made business event, trip, golf outing or training. Transparency is the key word. The recommendation contains the actual costs and options of your event clearly displayed. You ask and Training & Travel organizes your event to desire to the smallest detail. After the event you we will have an evaluation, and if you are satisfied, there can be a sequel.

The process of Training & Travel in order to put you at a glance:

1. Contact your company, staff association or organization
2. Schedule an appointment
3. Appointment at your company or organization
4. Report and recommendation will be sent via email or shared on Google Drive
5. Organize the business event, trip, golf outing or training
6. Implement the business event
7. Evaluation of the event with you and maybe the continuation of our cooperation

Jan ter Haar
Jan ter Haar Responsible for new destinations