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Inverness is a city in Scotland, situated on the north side of the Great Glen, near the mouth of the River Ness and is considered to be the capital of the Scottish Highlands and the council area and former county Highland. King Duncan lived in the castle of Inverness, built in the eleventh century, it became famous by Shakespeare who wrote about it. The castle was of the strategic importance and because of that it changed hands several times. The scepter was successively wielded by the British, Robert Bruce, several Highland clans, the Lord of the Isles, supporters of the Jacobites and Mary Stuart. Due to the continuous raids by the Highland clans only a few historic buildings are still standing. Nature in the surroundings of Inverness is beautiful. What about Loch Ness, a 4x4 experience, golf and stay in a fabulous castle? Training & Travel lets you discover and experience Inverness.

Sights: so much to see in Inverness?

Saint Andrew's Cathedral either Inverness Cathedral came into use in 1869, after 3 years of work. The architect Alexander Ross has made the design. Inverness Castle has since 19th century the function of court. The former castle is located on a beautiful spot on the River Ness. The castle itself is not open to the public, the gardens though. Eden Court Theatre is the largest theater in Inverness. It is only completely renovated and meets modern requirements. The theater was inaugurated in 1976 and was then one of the most modern buildings in Scotland. There are several shops, pubs and restaurants in Inverness. There are also a number of green parks where you can stroll and relax. The center is not so big and so good to explore on foot. In the Inverness area are many sights and attractions to see, including one of the largest Highland Games. You can also visit the school of dolphins in the Moray Firth life.

• boat trip or power boat tour
• 4x4 experience with assignments or a quad tour
• golf (many courses)
• castle hotels (super) and Selfcatered accommodations

Go Scotland, Go to Inverness the Place where Nessie lives

"April 21, 2015 Does Google have a new evidence of the Loch Ness monster? Less than a day ago Google has put new recordings of Loch Ness online, or yes: the first images of Nessie, the legendary monster, have already been signaled at April 21, 2015. The brand new Street View images are not only made from the shores of the lake, but the lake itself. It extends over a length of 35 kilometers in the Scottish Highlands. The legend of the monster was revived by the renowned photo of Robert Wilson. " source Google Daily Mail

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